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Nicotine good for memory…Tobacco Sheets  for medical use, is an investment that brings good results for health. Nicotine has demostrated that has benefits to stimulate memory. Some people will say that sounds illogical and even outlandish. However, scientists demonstrate that there are certain qualities of this plant to improve the quality of life of patients with Alzheimer’s.

Nicotine good for memory

To stimulate the memory of Alzheimer’s patients

“The thief of memory” is well known by many Alzheimer’s, who for decades has been studied, finding solutions are few effective. After years of analysis, somehow has been able to relate nicotine with this sickness. It seems that the main ingredient of tobacco leaf has given new hope, specifically the stimulation of memory.

The study has focused special attention on the nicotine patches that are regularly used to quit smoking. At the beginning, the test was started with a group of 76-year-olds and for six months, provided these patches of 15 milligrams day by day, while with others the placebo effect was worked.

Analysis of the study of nicotine

At the end of the analysis, it was noted that people who had consumed small doses of nicotine had an increase in their normal memory capacities by 46%. Those who were being treated with placebo had a decrease of 26% in Memory skills. It is important to mention that this practice was applied in people who did not have an advanced deterioration in their cognitive ability.

In order to calculate a real figure of increase or decrease of memory, the participants were tested. They could measure the mental abilities, at the beginning, after 90 days and at the end of the experiment, obtaining the results that we mentioned previously, leaving the potential benefits of nicotine in sight.

Another significant change that they mentioned was weight loss. However, they do not have a real answer to certify if that variation is related to the treatment to which they were subjected during those months. In addition, they emphasized that patients did not present addiction or any other characteristic symptom that produces nicotine.

The basis for further analyzing the benefits of nicotine

This progress, which suggests that nicotine to stimulate memory has positive effects, opens a new door to find effective solutions that improve the quality of life of patients with Alzheimer’s disease. Those responsible for the study said that while it is a great basis for further analysis, they have no guarantee that the benefits of the substance will be consistent and have long-term benefits.

Because they underwent study to people who did not have advanced damage in their memory, so the problems of concentration or loss of retentive, does not mean a serious inconvenience, rather they are believed to be halfway between the Old age and dementia.

But this is not the only study that has given positive results. Other institutions in the United States have shown that nicotine activates and stimulates some brain receptors important and responsible for the task of memorizing and thinking in a normal way, interesting information that any smoker should know.

For other diseases with attention deficit

Not only Alzheimer’s is the only disorder that can be treated with nicotine.  Seems to be very effective for Parkinson’s disease, another disease that affects the regular functions of the brain. Some of the scientists in charge of the studies have clarified that the idea is not to motivate people to consume this substance, rather, they are in the search of components that allow them to manufacture effective drugs.

In the case of Parkinson’s disease, it is expressed that this disease causes death of a cell responsible for producing dopamine. This hormone and neurotransmitter that has several functions such as: controls mood, memory, learning, concentration and other skills responsible for keeping us active. So…nicotine is good for memory…

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