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Light a new way of feeling

Light a new way of feeling

Before light cigarettes were menthol cigarettes, these are usually “softer” to smoke, as the added menthol produces a refreshing sensation in the throat when inhaling the smoke. It also decreases the cough reflex and covers the sensation of dryness in the throat that smokers often present. People who smoke menthol cigarettes can inhale more deeply and keep smoke longer.

The first “light” cigarettes
The result was the successful MERIT brand, which was the first “light” cigarette and marketed as a full-flavored product with less than 9 mg of tar. Philip Morris called the new combination of flavors “Super Juice”, which is composed of five additives, including three pyrazines, aromatics formed at temperatures of 100 degrees or more and generated during the curing of the tobacco leaf and smoking, and now Widely used in cigarette brands.

In the pyrazines are among the most important compounds that characterize the flavor, aroma and smoke of tobacco, providing the “brown notes” in general and, in some cases, flavors such as cocoa, walnut and popcorn .

Apart from flavor and aroma, pyrazines are known to act on sensory receptors. The documents show that the industry identified a role for pyrazoles in suvaising tobacco, which can facilitate the inhalation, absorption and delivery of nicotine by curbing the harshness and irritant effects of nicotine and other ingredients of tobacco smoke, according to the researchers.

These compounds could promote high consumer acceptance and continued consumption. Laboratory research also suggests that stimulation of pyrazine receptors in the lining of the nose can increase learned behavior, either acting alone or in combination with other sensory stimuli.

And several pyrazine derivatives appear to have a role in boosting the amount of dopamine released during the act of smoking, an effect that is independent of nicotine.

Is this why the FDA does not want to use the term LIGHT more?


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