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Valentines Day

The best way to celebrate Valentines

The most romantic date in the year,  for many it means the world, people will celebrate if they have a special friend, boyfriend or girlfriend, fianceé, their date or couple.

This time we decided to give you 5 things you should never do during Valentines celebration and that will make the best way to celebrate Valentines.

1. Spent a lot of money on presents.

Showing your couple that you love her/him on Valentines day does not mean spending a fortune in chocolates, candies, decoration, cards, jewels. Think strategically what you want to give and make it special.

2. That present is “so me”

If you have been dating the person for a while you probably really know what they want, what they like. But if you are just starting dating, do you really want to give them exactly what they want? Are you trying to have the exact information of the perfect gift? Be practical and creative, you try your best to surprise that person and maybe you make your match on what they wanted.

3. Competition

Last year your girlfriend have you an Iphone and you just gave her flowers? Dont try to exceed what she gave you, if you dont have enough money to spend, keep it simple under the Budget you have and try to make it special.

4. Forget to do the reservation

If you are going to show someone you love her/him, take your time, and dont forget to do the reservations to the special place you are planning to go. Specially during this days restaurants are completely booked, you dont want her/him to wait, or maybe don´t have the change even to go inside that favorite food place. Don´r ruin a day that can make the difference.

5. Be sure you credit card has funds

You´ve had an amazing dinner….. time to pay…. No funds? Make sure you have money in you pocket, that may ruin all you have in your relationship, plus is embarrasing.

Tobacco´s Shop best advice during Valentines is to spent time with the one you love, a coffee talk with a special drink, a special place, listening a good playlist and a dinner with friends. Keep your like simple and enjoy the little things. #enjoylittlethings