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Month: February 2017


Cigar Tobacco Countries & Growing Regions

Here's another resource for you, cigar lovers, Cigar Tobacco Countries & Growing Regions - Florida Tobacco Shop. We have taken the major cigar or cigar tobacco producing regions of the world and mapped them out for you. Didn't know you were in for a geography lesson did you! But even better yet, we have organized our cigar selections according to these regions so you can smoke your way from one country to the next.

The Best Super Bowl Commercials Of 2017

The Best 2017 Super Bowl Commercials The Patriots have taken home the Lombardi in the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history and with that, the 2016 NFL Season has officially come to a close. We were treated to 67 commercials as brands sought to make us giggle and balk, swoon or cheer. The goal, of course, was always the same – to create an ad that would be memorable in the hearts and minds of the hundreds of millions of captive viewers who were glued to the TV on Super Bowl Sunday.

Here are the 5 best commercials that went big for the big game.